Happy Tails

We are a very special group of dogs and need people like you to help us. We each have different reasons why we are here, but all of us have one thing in common; we had a rough start in life, but we have been rescued from neglect, abuse, and illness. 

Then, we had the greatest experience of our lives- we had HOPE-- and a new chance to be everything we were meant to be and more! Once we were rescued, we were rehabilitated with the love and care we so desperately needed. Now we have found our furr-ever homes and are incredibly happy and excited to share our stories of success with you! 

Happy Tails is our tribute to you and to show you how each person has the ability to make a difference, one life at a time!

If you have adopted a dog from Hope For All Dogs and you would like to share your Happy Tail, please send your story and a picture to info@hopeforalldogs.org

(Effective May 2018, please limit Happy Tail submissions to one picture and 1,000 characters.)



Meet Bella...our first Happy Tail.

Here is a note from her new mom Christine H.:

"She is doing very well and is a happy healthy pup! Her favorite things to do are snuggle, play ball at the dog park, and go for walks on our wooded walking path. She is such a sweetheart, and she brings me so much happiness on a daily basis! She's even made some doggie friends at our dog park in the apartment complex, even though she likes to steal their toys from them. Bella is such a good little girl and an even better cuddle buddy :). Thanks again for letting me adopt her, she is a perfect fit in our home! "


We enjoy having Annie so much.  She is calmest and sweetest dog.  She is enjoying hanging out with her brothers Duke (Pekingese) and Jackson (Beagle Mix).  She loves cuddling with Duke but she loves following Jackson around the house.  We have found that some of her favorite things to do are laying in the sunshine, looking out the windows, going for walks, being held, and having her belly scratched.  She went to visit her new vet and he agreed that she is a "sweetie."  Although she had serious injuries to her hips, we have been able to see her improve everyday.  She is such a blessing and a joyful addition to our household.  We appreciate the great love and care you gave her.  Thank you for allowing us to adopt her!

--Katie, Missy, Annie, Duke, and Jackson



When we first met Jasper, he was super-happy and wanted to give everyone “hugs”.  We decided he was the one for us and we are absolutely the luckiest family!  Jasper was the perfect addition for us…he loves playing with our 7yr old son and adores our  9yr old daughter.  When we brought him home, we tried our best to make the transition as smooth as possible.  Although he ate very little those first few days, he always had time for  a belly rub and a hug.  Everyone who meets him falls in love with his cute little face and calm demeanor.  He such a well behaved boy.  We are so happy Jasper joined our family.



Fern's been with us for seven months now and I can't imagine life without her. She makes friends everywhere she goes and everyone tells us how lucky we are to have such a wonderful dog.

We've been on two long road trips together and she loved it both times. We drove down to Louisiana to visit my family and she had an absolute ball meeting so many people and seeing so many places.

She's a wonderful car dog; she loves to ride along with us when we run errands. Her favorite place to visit is the dog park where she can run around with all the other dogs.


Samantha has been the perfect addition to the Campbell Family. "Sammie" is the sweetest, fun-loving pup. She has been amazing with our kids and loves everyone she meets. We are so thankful to your organization for saving "Sam" as she has brought so much joy to our family already. We pray that God will continue to bless your organization and that many more dogs will find their forever families.

Thank you again!

The Campbell Family

Annie: Update

Here is an update from one of our greatest success stories!!

A year ago I adopted Annie. We are so thankful for your organization that helps dogs like Annie find their furr-ever home. She has been such a blessing to us. We are happy to say that in a year, Annie runs, plays, and enjoys life like any other dog. Thank you!


Our wonderful Petey!  It took a string of events and the stars aligning to bring Petey into our life, but they did and we are so lucky to have him join our family. I was in the office in downtown Charlotte only one day a week and usually never head downstairs at lunch time.  On this one occasion I did, and spotted Tim and Petey at the Hope for All Dogs table in the Wells Fargo Atrium. Petey was the only dog there that day and I decided to walk over and check out his story.  Petey came over and I knelt down to rub his head. He was so sweet. I noticed a little thin spot of hair on his head and another on his back. Tim told me that he had rescued Petey just two weeks prior and he had been saved on the day that he was set to be euthanized. I thought what a tough life this wonderful and faithful companion must have had and that he deserved so much better. I also knew Petey was a survivor. 

Never judge a book by its cover is great advice!  Anyone who passed on Petey before he was rescued by Hope for All Dogs probably saw his spots of thin hair, heard of his aching hip, or that he was ten years old and thought he was too much trouble. Whomever abandoned Petey or passed on adopting him for whatever excuse or reason lost a chance at a wonderful, well-behaved, active, friend and companion. Whatever he had been through before, he had made it through it all. We offered to adopt Petey and I thought we could make whatever time he had left comfortable with a warm bed, proper medical care, and plenty of attention.  We knew Petey was a senior dog and might not be as active or mobile, what was important was that he got a home and that he could rest knowing it was his home forever. It was very obvious after just a few days in his new home that all Petey needed was a second chance and a little TLC. 

Petey was full of surprises!  He acclimated fast to his new home and numerous short walks up and down the street became longer walks.  Petey is now walking us 4 miles a day!  We changed his diet and his coat is shiny and thick. His thin patches of hair are gone. He has new energy and enthusiasm as well as a new lease on life!  We take Petey on car rides and everywhere we go.  Wherever he goes and whomever he meets Petey is the star of the show. Friendly, loving, and warm he loves to make new friends with people and other canines.  He is smart, loving, and a joy to have around.  Petey may think he is lucky to get a new home, but it turns out that we are the lucky ones!   

Petey’s photo now joins the family wall of our kids, parents, grandparents, and even earlier generations - Petey is family!

Mike and Pa

Triumph has been doing so well! My work schedule got a little crazy so T started spending a few days a week with my parents during the day, they have a fenced in back yard and my mom tends to be home during the day. Protecting her and the house from squirrels and the next door dog keeps him happy and busy. After losing their dog last winter, T has been so good for their hearts. They don't have the responsibility of a full time dog but they get to shower him with love and attention. We say he's already a therapy dog for them. (I got them I <3 my grand-dog magnets for both their cars and they get stopped all the time asking where they got them from). I was worried initially because T wouldn't be in the same room with either of them for the first couple weeks, he was terrified of them. But with patience and love, I now have to coax him to leave their house now, he loves spending time over there with them.

My parents and I took a trip to Topsail Beach last year in the fall. It is an amazing beach and during the off season dogs are allowed off leash all day long. I have never seen T crash as hard as that first day after all day chasing his tennis balls and being in and out of the ocean. He loves water but wasn't so fond of the waves. Thank goodness for the tidal pools he played in for hours.

We go to a dog park that is less than 10 minutes from us, usually once or twice a week. He's come so far out of his shell and is playing with dogs that he would have ignored when we first started going. There is a large group of regulars that go there and they adore him. He gets so excited when we turn into the park! He's been a great spokes-dog at the park, I hear at least once or twice every time that people didn't even notice he only has three legs or that he does so well. I laugh at people who call him handicapped, I've never met a more capable, strong willed, loving dog. And I totally crack up at the stares he gets when he lifts his leg up on a tree. I've also found that he gets crushes on poodles and loves to chase huskies. Any skittish dog is also his best friend.

His endurance is through the roof. We used to just go on short walks and he'd be done for the night. Now, to tire him out, I have to run him hard core with tennis balls. Back and forth, he is insatiable with his love for those! We live right next to a golf course and I take him out there all the time when it gets dark so he can play fetch with glow in the dark balls I picked up a few months ago. At first I was really hesitant letting him off leash but after working on it, he listen incredibly well and stays close. I figured out I could trust him when he went running after a rabbit one night and he immediately stopped and came back when I called his name. He loves to chase the deer in our neighborhood too. Thank goodness he hasn't caught up to one yet.

My roommates absolutely love him and it’s not unusual to come into my room and one roommate curled up on my bed with him trying to coax T into cuddling with her. Currently, he is curled up in his bed and passed out, he is exhausted from chasing the tennis balls for over an hour out on the golf course today and the icy snow had him slip-sliding.

We've sidelined the therapy dog training and just working on getting him used to being around people all the time so he's not so scared of strangers. Long term, I'd still like to get him certified and be able to take him to the children's hospital but for now, his socialization is my number one priority. It’s amazing to see the strides he has made in that area. It helps that when I take him out, there is always someone he is skittish around that is patient and understands that he need time to accept them and that he needs good experiences with people he was initially scared of. Which usually results in an outrageous amount of treats but he has stayed super sleek!

I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you taking care of my baby before I was able to get him. He is an amazing dog and I absolutely adore him!



Todd and I wanted to thank everyone at Hope for All Dogs for helping us to find the perfect new family member! It seems liked Lady knew right away that she was going to her forever home the moment we met her. She has been nothing but a lover and cuddle buddy. She has fit right in and is loving her toys, yard, and belly rubs. We are so appreciative for your help in finding her. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Kevin, Todd, and Lady


I wanted to give you an update on Heidi now that we've had her for two months.  She was housetrained almost from the start but now she comes to us and barks when she needs to go out.  She also pees on command pretty quickly when I need to take her out before leaving the house.  She gets along great with our other dog Marley and the cats have grudgingly accepted her presence.  She loves going to the dog park to run off-leash and I take her a couple of times a week.  She's a very social dog and always plays nicely when there are other dogs there.  My only complaint about her is that she thinks 5:30 am is a good time to start barking to take a walk!  She graduated from the Petsmart Beginner Obedience class today and she knows sit, down, and come when she's called.  Billy the trainer praised her for her "awesome recall" and loose-leash walking skills. She'll be starting the intermediate class in a couple of weeks.  

She's a great dog and I can't imagine our home without her!  Thank you for taking such great care of her until she got to her forever home.  The picture I attached is from her graduation.

Natalie F.


Just wanted to share this with you.  Pumpkin is the best dog ever and thank you for bringing her into my life. She is on new medication and the epilepsy is almost non-existent.  She is such a loving dog.  She is my shadow.  Always interested in what I am doing and re-defines the meaning of "loyal".  What an awe-inspiring soul is she.  She gives me so much more than I can ever give her.  Small dog - big heart.  I am blessed.

Take care my friends,




Just thought we would let you know how the first week has gone with Missy.  We have renamed her Izzy and she is responding well to it.  She has been a treasure - she is settling down really well.  The older dog Mitzy has been really good with her only a few snarls but they have been playing in the yard the past few days.  

We are very pleased with her and glad that she has come to join our family.  Thanks and good luck homing the rest of the litter.

Kind regards,

The Milford Family


I met my little SweetPea in the Wells Fargo atrium during my lunch break one day in early May. She became my new fur-baby on June 12 and the last 6 weeks or so have been pretty awesome!

We bonded very quickly and SweatPea acclimated herself to my home, family and schedule just as fast. She tells me when she has to go outside which is awesome and I noticed that my little diva loves her beauty naps. I had a blast in Petsmart buying cute girly pink things since she is my first female dog. She needs to look cute when going to Doggie Day Care. It's so much fun. We are also in obedience training and I can see that this little pip squeak is very smart. 

When I look at her she just has the sweetest face and I know she hasn't had the easiest go of it in life so far but I'm thankful to Hope for all Dogs for saving my little SweetPea. I love her so much and I promised her she is with me until the very end. She is so precious, very loving, and loves to make her own blanket and pillow forts. She makes me laugh every day and then loves to snuggle. 

Thank you Tim and everyone at Hope for All Dogs for not only saving her but lovingly taking care of her until the day we met. 

Itty Bitty

Itty Bitty has made our family complete! She can be loving and cuddly with us and then so much fun when she races around playing fetch. She interacts very nicely with our other dogs and leaves the cats to themselves !We are enjoying her so much.  

Itty Bitty was a stray brought in to Animal Control so matted and scared that she would not trust anyone enough to let them come near her. We recognize how much the love, patience, and expertise of Tim and Lisa all came together to make this frightened and hurting little girl adoptable and adapt so well to our family.  

Thank you Tim, Lisa, and Hope For All Dogs. You certainly live up to the name of your rescue.

We adopted Ava February 2015 and moved to PA and she loves to go on hikes and swimming in all the beautiful parks here. She could play with tennis balls for hours and loves to cuddle up on the bed. She goes to daycare and plays with a bunch of other dogs. She is so gentle to all people and all doggies and kitties. Her little sister Reese loves her so much. If ever i were to get another dog it would be from HFAD.

Jamie, Ava's Mom