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Asking for help is difficult. Asking for money is even harder, but for the sake of the care and well-being of our rescue dogs, we have no choice but to make a direct ask to any of you who are reading this.

Our bills are very high and need to be paid now. Unfortunately, our donations have been low. We know that times are hard for everyone, but if you are able to spare even a small amount, a donation to Hope For All Dogs would be appreciated greatly.

Thank you from all of us at Hope For All Dogs.

$Donations:  Your monetary donations help us provide food, medical care, spay/neuter, flea/tick, heart-worm, prevention, and much more for each animal. You can make checks payable to HOPE FOR ALL DOGS and mail to:
PO BOX 372
PINEVILLE, North Carolina 28134
United States

or click the "DONATE" button above.

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